Who is Jesus Christ?

I Know Jesus personally. Let me share with you how I know Him and who He is.

Jesus is the Ascended Master that is leading me (us) to the Kingdom of God, a journey taken within. In religion there are many well intended however false teachings about Jesus. First and foremost that he should be worshiped. The very act of doing this reinforces separation. Jesus never asked us to do such thing in fact he was very clear that only the Father of all Creation was to be thought of in this regard. Jesus was always making supplication to the Father with thanksgiving and a Knowing that he belonged to God and in fact was One with God. Jesus is the Master and should be Divinely Respected by the act of following His Lead. I humbly bow before the Master and our Leader with a heart of eternal gratitude.

Let me not continue to talk about false teachings and instead attempt to make sense of Truth as simply as possible. You must still your mind, surrendering all beliefs, opinions and judgments, for Truth to rise up in you and it shall because it Is the Will of God. The Holy Spirit awaits this surrender and Jesus is anxious to take the lead. Here goes my attempt to give you reason to be still.

Adam and Eve, created by God the Father with His Only Son, were Holy Conscious Divine Physical yet Spiritual Beings formed from the Earth, they were (are) the Image of God. This is the Immaculate Concept, to Be a wHoly Conscious Spirit while in physical form. They (we) were given freewill to live in any conscious state of mind we choose. It was a mistake, known as sin, for Adam and Eve to choose to walk this Earth in a conscious state without the Father, but they desired to do so. This is considered “the fall”. The fall delivered them into a much lower level of consciousness which makes a person “think” they are separate beings; separate in thought from each other and separate from God. Since the fall we have been born into this state of consciousness. This explains why we are “born” into sin. The old testament in the Bible gives a historical account of mankind’s attempt to live in this state of consciousness which keeps God outside of oneself. However, in Truth we are Divine Beings so their (our) need for God was (is) great. They prayed, as we pray and then mandated laws in which to live a restricted life style in hopes that this would bring them closer to God as well as control behaviors that are wildly disrespectful of others as well as self when living in duality (lower consciousness). The authors of the old testament did indeed develop a relationship with God however when you read closely you will discover this wasn’t because they followed law (though they tried) but instead was because they took time to be still and “hear” God. This action brought them to a higher conscious state which is required to “hear” our Creator.

Jesus, a man of physical form, was born into this life from a woman, Mary, and a man, Joseph, who had both stilled themselves enough to “hear” God the Father. Jesus was raised by two people who understood the Immaculate Concept and saw their son as worthy…God did too. Jesus learned at an early stage in life who mankind was and through prayer, supplication and listening to the Father soon discovered what His Divine Role would be while he walked this Earth in physical form. He accepted his Divine Role as the Savior and Leader of mankind, mastering all imagined roadblocks that cause a man to stumble on his journey within to The Spirit that lives in us all. Jesus, the man, journeyed through the mind and into and through higher conscious states in silence with the Holy Spirit to reach the point of Christ Consciousness. Christ is the Higher Level of Consciousness that was with God at Creation and Knows HimSelf as the Son of God. Jesus surrendered his life as a separate being and lived in this Higher State of Christ Consciousness…hence he was (is) Jesus Christ, the Son of God and One with God. His Way reveals to man the path to regain his Rightful Identity.

Jesus spoke in parables and in fact his life was a parable. He died on the cross and rose again to show what a man must do internally to regain His Eternal Life as the Immaculate Concept. Jesus’ death eradicated (uprooted) the seed of sin which lives in mankind’s mind (low state of consciousness), making it possible for all mankind to ascend to this higher state of Christed Consciousness. This is where we are One and where the Kingdom of God resides.

When a man claims to be a sinner he is saying that he doesn’t accept this gift from Jesus Christ and has chosen to live under the “law” or if not religious, his own law. Both thought choices will keep a man from transforming and knowing the One Spirit of Christ Consciousness.

Truth is available to everyone…to all of mankind through the act of being still, surrendering personal perspective of one’s own world, by listening and following the Greater Spirit within. It doesn’t matter your religion or non-religion it is a gift won by Jesus who accomplished this goal. He is referred to as the Last Adam meaning the son of man remembered he is the Son of God. Thank You Jesus…You are worthy to follow for You Know the Way.

Please don’t take my word of the things I have shared with you. When you still yourself, your own journey begins…it is indeed a journey worth taking…for You are a Divine Being. I love you all, we are One in Christ. Now use your freewill to Awake and Rise Up in Christ for it is time for the Kingdom of God to manifest Itself on Earth as it is in Heaven.



Please forgive me, those of you who have listened to me and others in leadership positions tell you to dream! Dream your dream, we exclaimed! Believe it and it will be…and it is. But in the process you can be more separate from others. That’s a loss we don’t understand yet.

Be all you can be… Haven’t you heard those words before?  Those words that promise if you could just better yourself you will finally start feeling that “satisfaction” you long for. I bought into it and then began to teach it; I believed it. Always looking for “more” and wanting you to have it too! Honest and giving, that’s who I am.

So I bought into it…the American Dream. I would say I did achieve; that’s what counts, my opinion of my experiences; right?  So I have a wonderful family, successful businesses, I’m fit, heathy, etc.and I know personal development inside out…so why this note?

I will share a great lesson I’ve learned from my studies, my teachings and my time on this earth. It will save you from going down the wrong path and wasting time thinking yourself as lacking or needing anything…

We Are Perfect by Nature but we think we are imperfect and unworthy (or others are) because we wrongfully process information with my our minds. This is Truth as simple as it sounds.

You know the movie, The Secret or the teachings of the Law of Attraction? There are many others, it is the new personal development training. Well…it is all true. I cannot and will not lie to you. Your mind is really that powerful; it is true, I promise.

That blew me away…but it certainly wasn’t enough for me….there had to be more, I mean if this law of attraction is true…what is “more”?

That took being still and oh what a ride!!!!! I had to sit still and listen to that whisper (or 6th sense, whatever?) I had paid little mind to during my life experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I love religion! I always turn to God and Jesus is my best friend. 🙂 Seriously, all man every told me is to quit sinning or to get prettier….damn it!!!! STOP; Would you, please!!!!  Why would I turn to man for answers of this importance?

I was fed up with trying to make myself better. Better than who? I was crushed inside and I cried. I was still and in mental torment for two years trying to figure it out…I still fight my weak mind’s want, desire or need to return to those thoughts that are so hurtful and self-destructive. But then I was and am Amazed. Everything started to mean something else and it makes so much more sense. It’s unbelievable and of course I want to share it with you…if you are ready.

What did I learn during 2009 and 2010? (Forgive the third person talk – I’m not crazy! just trying to help you understand.)

  1. How to Be Still (not talking mediation or anything else the gurus teach; just you…allowing your mind to still…however long it takes you…)
  2. And then I Knew…I am so much more than this flesh
  3. My flesh is operated by a mind I call Tammy.
  4. Tammy finds ways to use others to make herself feel unworthy…or worthy 🙂
  5. Tammy is stupid! LOL She actually thought she could run a life and experience only joy with her being the director; then her dad died and she saw the big lie. (Well, Tammy gets much credit because she did heed what she learned in Stillness and is brave to tell you so!!!  LOL
  6. I am not only Tammy, I am “more
  7. I am a Child of One Source of All Creation – I will call him “God”
  8. God creates all things in His Image only – Love Being Eternal – everything else is meaningless and will return to nothingness or dust.
  9. I am and You are His Creation
  10. He Wills His Light to walk in our flesh starting Now and in return offers a remembrance of our Greater Self and the Comfort of His Peace

This change we sense is Good though it feels and will come through tough times. We can easily and we must pull together as One realizing the Christ or Son of God (whatever you call the Spirit within) lives in each and every mind. Be the Light you carry….Love everyone and forgive their stupid ways. Try not to get too involved with ridiculous worldly systems that stress your mind but mostly Be Willing to Be Still so God may prepare you for the coming days.

One in Christ

Resurrection and You

 Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Its inner meaning and spiritual significance is the awakening and raising to spiritual consciousness of the I AM in man, which has been dead in trespass and sin and buried in the tomb of materiality.

 “I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.” The resurrection is the raising up of the whole man–spirit, soul and body,–into the Christ consciousness of life and wholeness. This Jesus did. The tomb could not hold his redeemed perfected body temple. Resurrection is accomplished by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit.

Every time we rise to the realization of eternal, indwelling life, making union with the Father Mind, the resurrection of Jesus takes place within us. All thoughts of limitation and inevitable obedience to material law are left in the tomb of materiality.

Jesus was born into the race thought so that he might reconstruct it in conformity with the divine law. He thus became our Way Shower, our Savior, our Helper.

Today the light of Truth is illumining my mind, and I rise up in the majesty of my divine sonship and proclaim myself to be the child of the Most High, free from all belief in sin, sickness and death.

I affirm:  In unity with Christ I realize that I am resurrected into the life, light and power of God. (Excerpt from Keep a True Lent by Charles Fillmore)

Are you ready for Easter?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “There has to be more, what am I missing?” I guess I have had that thought since I was nine years old. I have spent my life seeking “more” through relationships, religion, money, work, play, etc. 

You are important to me. Though our time together has been through the social network, you and I both know or at least occasionally consider, the good feelings we gain from one another. The understanding, support, encouragement,  respect, hope; these shared feelings of agreement are so important. By us recognizing them we soon discover the “more” that we seek.

I like honesty; don’t you? Here is the honest straight forward facts: Jesus was a man yet He was also Christ and lived from Christ Mind and viewed the world from Christ perspective. Christ is the Son of God. Jesus died to teach us not to fear…He resurrected to show Us death is a lie because We are Spiritual and eternal, just like Him.  Jesus, literally gave all so we would figure this out. As a human race, this Truth is what we seek however our freewill choice continues to keep our minds thinking from our individual perspectives rather than from our One Christ Mind. This is why we have made the mistakes we’ve made as humans. This is why we fear. This is why we find ourselves unworthy to admit we are One; that together we are the Son of God, the Christ. (John 17: 20-26) 

The world is in for some tough times friends. How will we survive these times?  By remembering what creates “more.”  By consciously thinking from Christ perspective and giving Love through forgiveness because that is who we are.   The result we will see, feel and experience is a protection that is simply miraculous. You have time to learn to perfect this skill. Start with your family of course and friends and the people you work with.  Choose only to see good even in the midst of darkness, it is a learned skill. Teach it to them by Being that which you must now become. They will follow and extend it to others. This is your protection as well as everyone elses.

I love you all. Be happy that the world is changing and begin living in true freedom from this world’s condemnation, it has no power over Christ. Choose not to see a world of darkness but rather a world in which Light has entered. Those of Us who choose to be changed will experience a transformation to the life we all truly want and seek.  

You are Light unto the world.

Good Friday! Jesus and the Christ

Jesus’ great discovery was the divine dimension within all persons, that point where “man is an inlet and may become an outlet to all there is in God.” We totally misread Jesus’ life and teachings if we fail to realize that he was first of all a student on the quest, working to achieve in consciousness the fullness of what Paul called “Christ in you.”… Paul is not referring to Jesus, but to the divine potential within every person that Jesus discovered within himself…

The difference between Jesus and each one of us is not one of inherent spiritual capacity, but the demonstration of it. Every person is a spiritual being. Every person is innately good. Every person is a potential Christ. But only a very few know this, and even fewer succeed in expressing any marked degree of the perfection of the Christ within. We all have a long way to go, but we have a goal that is believable and achievable, and there is that in you and me that is perfectible. More than this, Jesus, demonstration of the Christ is repeatable. For Jesus clearly said, “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

The exciting thing is that wherever you may be along the way of unfoldment and self-realization, no matter what the problems or challenges you may face, there is always more in you, the mystery of God in you, the Christ in you–which means your potential for healing, for overcoming, for prosperity. There is no limit! (Excerpt from Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth.)

Can you imagine if we all recognized the Christ within and began to live from that perspective? If we chose to “see life” from the perspective of Christ which reminds us we are One?  Wouldn’t it be great to live in full consciousness of who We are and to heal darkness by Being Light? Isn’t this what being a Christian is? Walking the walk of Knowing…Thinking the thought of Love…Being who We are and Knowing We are One in Christ? ALL of US

I love you all. Tough times are ahead, the world is changing, it is a Good thing. Are you ready for Easter?  Ready to rise from your self-cruxification, your cross of shame, fear, guilt, pain, anger, unforgiveness, or unworthiness–those judgements against yourself and others that are meaningless? These meaningless thoughts that continue to keep us from remembering who we are?  This world is meaningless, therefore let go…today!  Push the thoughts aside and begin to be grateful that TODAY is the day that you recognize the Christ within.  TODAY is the day to begin thinking from Our Greater Perspective, where freedom and joy abound. We are Light to the world.

Happy Thursday! Ready for Easter?

During Lent let us reconsecrate our eyes, our ears and our tongues to Truth. If we have observed wrongly, if we have been seeing with the “double” eye, seeing both good and evil, let us see Truth. If we have been listening to idle tales and criticism of others, let us commence to hear only the Truth, only that which is constructive and uplifting. If we have been speaking disparagingly of our neighbors and fellow workers, if we have talked about sickness, poverty and in harmony and thought of these realities, let us commence to speak Truth.

We do this through the help of the Spirit of truth within us, not through our personal will. Especially are we quickened to the help of the Spirit of truth within us during Lent. For Lent is a period of prayer and spiritual preparation. There is spiritual power at work during Lent that backs us up in our desire to overcome.

Through the Spirit of truth within us we see all people as radiant, all-glorious, beautiful, free sons of God, unfettered, unbound, triumphant, rising supreme out of every trial. What wonderful things there are to see when we see with the single eye of Truth!  (Excerpt from Dare to Believe! by May Rowland.)

Today can be the day that you chose Freedom by letting go and meeting God. I am here to visit with you if you need someone who understands.

Happy Wednesday…Ready for Easter?

Jesus was more than a man of Nazareth, more than any other man who ever lived on the earth. He was more than man, as we understand the appellation in its everyday use, because there came into his manhood a factor to which most men are strangers. This factor was the Christ consciousness.

The unfoldment of this consciousness by Jesus made him God incarnate, because Christ is the Mind of God individualized. Whoever so loses his personality as to be swallowed up in God becomes Christ Jesus or God-man.

We cannot separate Jesus Christ from God, or tell where man leaves off and God begins in him. To say that Jesus Christ was a man as we are men is not correct, because he dropped that personal consciousness by which we separate ourselves into men and women. He was consciously one with the absolute principle of Being. He had no consciousness separate from that Being, hence he was that Being to all intents and purposes. He attained no more than is expected of each of us.

It is all accomplished through the externalization of the Christ consciousness, which is omnipresent and ever ready to manifest itself through us as it did through Jesus. (Excerpt from Dynamics for Living by Warren Meyer.)

Today can be the day you choose to live from Christ Consciousness where the Peace of God is found and the Way is clearly Known. Let this Easter be the day that Awakening in Christ consciousness abounds and Christ is seen in one another! Blessings of Love and Light over You as you surrender the thoughts of your world to Christ consciousness.