Hello world!

I am free!

It has taken me a lifetime to figure out that none of what the world has taught us matters! Don’t fear; our work has not been done in vain.

I have three businesses; a nutritional supplement company, a consulting firm and a service company. My industry of choice is Optometry. I love what has been created through me and all the wonderful people I have met along the way.

Before that…there was more! Very interesting stuff…

I have always planned for tomorrow but have mostly failed to recognize today for what it truly is; a chance to remember who I am and to live it this very moment! How wonderful to be free of the world’s expectations!

So now I do what comes to me daily, like this blog. Never considered it before this moment but I think it is “time” to start sharing with you what I have learned since coming to my wits end with the world, even in the midst of success.

I want to share with you what I have learned by becoming quiet. You know the Voice that calls out from within? I decided to listen. Best decision I ever made. Anyway, what I have learned or remembered is enough to free anyone.

I hope you join in my journey. I promise to be truthful and with your joining me, we become brighter light to others.

6 responses to “Hello world!

  1. “And Blessed are those who see their dream and allow the manifestation of it to take place without fear!”

    Jaclynn asked me to look at your website. Being that I know your daughter is an amazing woman, I listened. Thank you for a reminder that I needed to feel.

  2. Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol…great read, thanks.

  3. the valuable advises you presented do help the research for my group, thanks.

    – Lucas

  4. Marie Lynn Haney

    Tammy, do you mind sharing more of what happened to call up your awakening? Obviously you have had an eye opening (so to speak) experience. I would be interested in hearing the story. Love, Lynn

    • Lynn, when I was nine years old (now 51) I was in a Baptist Church when the Preacher ask for those who wanted salvation to come forward. I did and then nothing happened in return. Time doesn’t mean anything, this repeated itself throughout the last 40+ years in different ways, personal, business, finance, etc. The whole time, regardless of worldly success, I have continued to ask for more! I have searched for the Answer by traveling the road of many worldly ways.

      The Call has always been there but until two years ago, I was unconsiously unwilling to take the next step towards Salvation. The Call waited for me…and then I heard a whisper…Be Still and Know…

      If I told you my life experiences it would give them reality. That could cause someone to think their walk unworthy or maybe judge me as unsuitable. The past should not be repeated once understood, literally and/or verbally. It is a trick of the ego.

      The Call has gained MUCH momentum since I was a child. It gets louder with each day. It is up to Us to see This and to be thankful for It by respecting and loving the Christ in one another until we see we are all, One.

      When you and I agree and trust from a Knowing position the Spirit is given energy and permission to minister in ways we can’t yet understand but our trust that it is happening, causes it to Spiritually Manifest. Eventually there will be a tipping point…how wonderful the day; maybe tomorrow? šŸ™‚

      I hope that makes since.

      The Call is always there for everyone. The Awakening is why I am here. I am sure it must be the same for You.

  5. Marie Lynn Haney

    Hi Tammy, Thank you for your response. I too had that always searching thing. In spite of all the knowledge that is shared from new age philosophy, psychics, etc….I was still searching. Anytime, anyone spoke about God, I would rush to listen….but somehow I knew what was being taught in Church just wasn’t quite right….. How I really knew was when new age groups (I call them), etc. would condemn God of the Bible it would not sit well with me…it felt very uncomfortable and I would rush to the defense even though I cannot quote scriptures. I also found it very uncomfortable when Churches would focus on praising Yashua as God. Now that I have found this new understanding of the Bible, I feel comfortable and peaceful and I am enjoying learning…:) I call this my awakening…:) ā¤

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