The basics

Today is the day you may choose to hear the Voice within, call to you in a loving soft Voice to awaken. The Voice gently reminds you of who you are and what your purpose is while in this world. This is a Voice that brings freedom to you and all those you allow yourself to bless.

We are indeed Children of God. Our egos (primary thought system by choice) forces us to deny the liberation Knowing this brings by denying that you are worthy of such being. You and I both know we are eternal beings.  We have mistakenly put our faith in the body and conclusions the ego, who owns the body. The ego only wants death and proves itself through the decay of the body.

Children of God are spiritual and do not die. That in itself says a lot and was demonstrated by our Leader Jesus Christ. He kept telling us there was more and even felt sorrow for his disciples because they didn’t get it either! Not until his resurrection.  Our gift from Jesus was the Holy Spirit who serves as our Guide. He guides us through what seems like a maze of ego projections as we move from ego thinking to Christ Thinking.  Jesus wants to walk WITH us (in Christ Mind) so as to become One where all things are possible.

Ego projections destroy, cause anger, conflict, depression, hate, fear, etc. all of which are NOT from God. The ego wants to take you out but it is impossible to destroy a Child of God.

It therefore is up to You, Child of God, to get quiet and listen to God’s Calling. 

Christ Thinking gives you the ability to see with Christ Vision.  With This you see only hope, forgiveness, freedom, peace, joy, and love when you look at another. It is healing for others and brings peace and purpose to You.

Our journey begins…..

One response to “The basics

  1. None of what the world has taught me, matters! How freeing is that to know? I have nothing to prove to this world, I am free! I love what you have to say and you say it beautifully.

    Jaclynn Carter

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