A New Perspective

It has been over a year now since I consiously accepted God’s call upon my life and proceeded with faith through the transformation of my mind.  It has required me to be much more open-minded, less of a planner and more dependent upon the Voice for God. The thing I notice most is that I surrender anger, fear, jealously, etc. much more quickly (regardless of the circumstance) recognizing it as an intrusion of my ego upon Christ’s Presence.  It is the fastest road to peace I have ever known and it belongs to all of us.

When you accept God’s Call for your life you begin to learn a lot about who you are; you (we) are very special and have forgotten our greater Self. By surrendering fears to the Christ in you, you are essentially saying that you are not in your right mind and a temptation has made its way to you. By surrendering, the Holy Spirit will gently remind you of your purpose and show you through Christ Vision that “All is Well”.

Our Father, our God, our Source, our Higher Power, wants US. He doesn’t judge the worldly things we think we do because he knows Our true nature. He desires we all remember who we are and begin to see the Christ in one another. This will heal our minds and end our journey to the Promised Land, the Kingdom which belongs to us where Peace and Love are all that exist.

One response to “A New Perspective

  1. Smack-dab what I was lkoonig for—ty!

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