The prayer we learned as children

I have been blessed with a new understanding of the prayer we all know, we learned it as children.

Now I lay me down to sleep, (Father I have chosen to exercise my freewill and to choose to live separate in mind from You)

I pray the Lord my Soul to keep, (Father, I trust that You will never change therefore You will keep me in Your Thought always and never forget me)

If I should die before I wake, (Father, if I fail to remember Who I Am in You and allow the self I created to think I died…)

I pray the Lord my Soul to take. (Father, I believe you are Love and Compassion. When I chose to exercise my freewill, I dreamt I was separate from You and that You found me unworthy and that I could die. Father, my dream is unreal and only that, that is real, matters to You.  I Am the Son You Love, one in Christ, and though You Will for me to awake in my dream and to allow Light to shine through to my brothers , You are always anxious to receive me Home with Great Joy.)

God Bless my Brothers who sleep with me.

One response to “The prayer we learned as children

  1. Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Miss Tammy !!! My name is rossana , well I met u at Denys and u helped me get my mind together gave me hope, I really apreciate the tip I’m thankful! An I did my car!!! But I would like to go to your church!!!!!!!

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