Happy Tuesday…Ready for Easter?

Spiritual growth which leads to abundant living is a “do-it-yourself project”. There is no minister, no priest, no leader who can forgive us, automatically transport us to heaven, or give us a passport into eternity. We must do it ourselves. Our responsibility is to live this life abundantly. To do this, we have been given the divine gift of conscious choice and free expression. Therefore, we are responsible for our own destiny, and for the quality of our life.

Whether we paint picture, write books, give speeches, manufacture goods, raise children, provide services, hold an executive position, or whatever, in Truth each one of us must know for himself: “I am an expression of the one life. My life is God’s life living itself through me. As I become an open channel for God’s life, His perfection expresses through me wholly and completely and abundantly through whatever constructive activity I undertake in life.”

God is the greatest idea. As our mind expands to encompass this great idea, then the idea expresses itself through us in terms of our concept of it. As our concept of God expands, our expression of His nature grows. “So whatever you eat or drink, whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31) This is the way to live life abundantly. In this spirit, affirm confidently, “I am an open channel through which the abundant action of the Father works freely.”

We know that we are not yet perfect in expression, but we are on the way. We are perfect inside, and we are unfolding in the outward expression of this perfection.   (Excerpt from The Christ-Based Teachings by Donald Curtis.)

Today can be the day that we choose to live from Christ consciousness rather than our own. Be Still and Know….

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