Happy Thursday! Ready for Easter?

During Lent let us reconsecrate our eyes, our ears and our tongues to Truth. If we have observed wrongly, if we have been seeing with the “double” eye, seeing both good and evil, let us see Truth. If we have been listening to idle tales and criticism of others, let us commence to hear only the Truth, only that which is constructive and uplifting. If we have been speaking disparagingly of our neighbors and fellow workers, if we have talked about sickness, poverty and in harmony and thought of these realities, let us commence to speak Truth.

We do this through the help of the Spirit of truth within us, not through our personal will. Especially are we quickened to the help of the Spirit of truth within us during Lent. For Lent is a period of prayer and spiritual preparation. There is spiritual power at work during Lent that backs us up in our desire to overcome.

Through the Spirit of truth within us we see all people as radiant, all-glorious, beautiful, free sons of God, unfettered, unbound, triumphant, rising supreme out of every trial. What wonderful things there are to see when we see with the single eye of Truth!  (Excerpt from Dare to Believe! by May Rowland.)

Today can be the day that you chose Freedom by letting go and meeting God. I am here to visit with you if you need someone who understands.


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