Good Friday! Jesus and the Christ

Jesus’ great discovery was the divine dimension within all persons, that point where “man is an inlet and may become an outlet to all there is in God.” We totally misread Jesus’ life and teachings if we fail to realize that he was first of all a student on the quest, working to achieve in consciousness the fullness of what Paul called “Christ in you.”… Paul is not referring to Jesus, but to the divine potential within every person that Jesus discovered within himself…

The difference between Jesus and each one of us is not one of inherent spiritual capacity, but the demonstration of it. Every person is a spiritual being. Every person is innately good. Every person is a potential Christ. But only a very few know this, and even fewer succeed in expressing any marked degree of the perfection of the Christ within. We all have a long way to go, but we have a goal that is believable and achievable, and there is that in you and me that is perfectible. More than this, Jesus, demonstration of the Christ is repeatable. For Jesus clearly said, “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

The exciting thing is that wherever you may be along the way of unfoldment and self-realization, no matter what the problems or challenges you may face, there is always more in you, the mystery of God in you, the Christ in you–which means your potential for healing, for overcoming, for prosperity. There is no limit! (Excerpt from Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth.)

Can you imagine if we all recognized the Christ within and began to live from that perspective? If we chose to “see life” from the perspective of Christ which reminds us we are One?  Wouldn’t it be great to live in full consciousness of who We are and to heal darkness by Being Light? Isn’t this what being a Christian is? Walking the walk of Knowing…Thinking the thought of Love…Being who We are and Knowing We are One in Christ? ALL of US

I love you all. Tough times are ahead, the world is changing, it is a Good thing. Are you ready for Easter?  Ready to rise from your self-cruxification, your cross of shame, fear, guilt, pain, anger, unforgiveness, or unworthiness–those judgements against yourself and others that are meaningless? These meaningless thoughts that continue to keep us from remembering who we are?  This world is meaningless, therefore let go…today!  Push the thoughts aside and begin to be grateful that TODAY is the day that you recognize the Christ within.  TODAY is the day to begin thinking from Our Greater Perspective, where freedom and joy abound. We are Light to the world.


One response to “Good Friday! Jesus and the Christ

  1. Don’t fall for that trick of the mind that says you have to clean up your worldly ways first…that is a lie. Seek and you shall find…Christ within…from there you will Know.

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