Are you ready for Easter?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “There has to be more, what am I missing?” I guess I have had that thought since I was nine years old. I have spent my life seeking “more” through relationships, religion, money, work, play, etc. 

You are important to me. Though our time together has been through the social network, you and I both know or at least occasionally consider, the good feelings we gain from one another. The understanding, support, encouragement,  respect, hope; these shared feelings of agreement are so important. By us recognizing them we soon discover the “more” that we seek.

I like honesty; don’t you? Here is the honest straight forward facts: Jesus was a man yet He was also Christ and lived from Christ Mind and viewed the world from Christ perspective. Christ is the Son of God. Jesus died to teach us not to fear…He resurrected to show Us death is a lie because We are Spiritual and eternal, just like Him.  Jesus, literally gave all so we would figure this out. As a human race, this Truth is what we seek however our freewill choice continues to keep our minds thinking from our individual perspectives rather than from our One Christ Mind. This is why we have made the mistakes we’ve made as humans. This is why we fear. This is why we find ourselves unworthy to admit we are One; that together we are the Son of God, the Christ. (John 17: 20-26) 

The world is in for some tough times friends. How will we survive these times?  By remembering what creates “more.”  By consciously thinking from Christ perspective and giving Love through forgiveness because that is who we are.   The result we will see, feel and experience is a protection that is simply miraculous. You have time to learn to perfect this skill. Start with your family of course and friends and the people you work with.  Choose only to see good even in the midst of darkness, it is a learned skill. Teach it to them by Being that which you must now become. They will follow and extend it to others. This is your protection as well as everyone elses.

I love you all. Be happy that the world is changing and begin living in true freedom from this world’s condemnation, it has no power over Christ. Choose not to see a world of darkness but rather a world in which Light has entered. Those of Us who choose to be changed will experience a transformation to the life we all truly want and seek.  

You are Light unto the world.


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