Resurrection and You

 Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Its inner meaning and spiritual significance is the awakening and raising to spiritual consciousness of the I AM in man, which has been dead in trespass and sin and buried in the tomb of materiality.

 “I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.” The resurrection is the raising up of the whole man–spirit, soul and body,–into the Christ consciousness of life and wholeness. This Jesus did. The tomb could not hold his redeemed perfected body temple. Resurrection is accomplished by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit.

Every time we rise to the realization of eternal, indwelling life, making union with the Father Mind, the resurrection of Jesus takes place within us. All thoughts of limitation and inevitable obedience to material law are left in the tomb of materiality.

Jesus was born into the race thought so that he might reconstruct it in conformity with the divine law. He thus became our Way Shower, our Savior, our Helper.

Today the light of Truth is illumining my mind, and I rise up in the majesty of my divine sonship and proclaim myself to be the child of the Most High, free from all belief in sin, sickness and death.

I affirm:  In unity with Christ I realize that I am resurrected into the life, light and power of God. (Excerpt from Keep a True Lent by Charles Fillmore)


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