Please forgive me, those of you who have listened to me and others in leadership positions tell you to dream! Dream your dream, we exclaimed! Believe it and it will be…and it is. But in the process you can be more separate from others. That’s a loss we don’t understand yet.

Be all you can be… Haven’t you heard those words before?  Those words that promise if you could just better yourself you will finally start feeling that “satisfaction” you long for. I bought into it and then began to teach it; I believed it. Always looking for “more” and wanting you to have it too! Honest and giving, that’s who I am.

So I bought into it…the American Dream. I would say I did achieve; that’s what counts, my opinion of my experiences; right?  So I have a wonderful family, successful businesses, I’m fit, heathy, etc.and I know personal development inside out…so why this note?

I will share a great lesson I’ve learned from my studies, my teachings and my time on this earth. It will save you from going down the wrong path and wasting time thinking yourself as lacking or needing anything…

We Are Perfect by Nature but we think we are imperfect and unworthy (or others are) because we wrongfully process information with my our minds. This is Truth as simple as it sounds.

You know the movie, The Secret or the teachings of the Law of Attraction? There are many others, it is the new personal development training. Well…it is all true. I cannot and will not lie to you. Your mind is really that powerful; it is true, I promise.

That blew me away…but it certainly wasn’t enough for me….there had to be more, I mean if this law of attraction is true…what is “more”?

That took being still and oh what a ride!!!!! I had to sit still and listen to that whisper (or 6th sense, whatever?) I had paid little mind to during my life experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I love religion! I always turn to God and Jesus is my best friend. 🙂 Seriously, all man every told me is to quit sinning or to get prettier….damn it!!!! STOP; Would you, please!!!!  Why would I turn to man for answers of this importance?

I was fed up with trying to make myself better. Better than who? I was crushed inside and I cried. I was still and in mental torment for two years trying to figure it out…I still fight my weak mind’s want, desire or need to return to those thoughts that are so hurtful and self-destructive. But then I was and am Amazed. Everything started to mean something else and it makes so much more sense. It’s unbelievable and of course I want to share it with you…if you are ready.

What did I learn during 2009 and 2010? (Forgive the third person talk – I’m not crazy! just trying to help you understand.)

  1. How to Be Still (not talking mediation or anything else the gurus teach; just you…allowing your mind to still…however long it takes you…)
  2. And then I Knew…I am so much more than this flesh
  3. My flesh is operated by a mind I call Tammy.
  4. Tammy finds ways to use others to make herself feel unworthy…or worthy 🙂
  5. Tammy is stupid! LOL She actually thought she could run a life and experience only joy with her being the director; then her dad died and she saw the big lie. (Well, Tammy gets much credit because she did heed what she learned in Stillness and is brave to tell you so!!!  LOL
  6. I am not only Tammy, I am “more
  7. I am a Child of One Source of All Creation – I will call him “God”
  8. God creates all things in His Image only – Love Being Eternal – everything else is meaningless and will return to nothingness or dust.
  9. I am and You are His Creation
  10. He Wills His Light to walk in our flesh starting Now and in return offers a remembrance of our Greater Self and the Comfort of His Peace

This change we sense is Good though it feels and will come through tough times. We can easily and we must pull together as One realizing the Christ or Son of God (whatever you call the Spirit within) lives in each and every mind. Be the Light you carry….Love everyone and forgive their stupid ways. Try not to get too involved with ridiculous worldly systems that stress your mind but mostly Be Willing to Be Still so God may prepare you for the coming days.

One in Christ


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