Who is Jesus Christ?

I Know Jesus personally. Let me share with you how I know Him and who He is.

Jesus is the Ascended Master that is leading me (us) to the Kingdom of God, a journey taken within. In religion there are many well intended however false teachings about Jesus. First and foremost that he should be worshiped. The very act of doing this reinforces separation. Jesus never asked us to do such thing in fact he was very clear that only the Father of all Creation was to be thought of in this regard. Jesus was always making supplication to the Father with thanksgiving and a Knowing that he belonged to God and in fact was One with God. Jesus is the Master and should be Divinely Respected by the act of following His Lead. I humbly bow before the Master and our Leader with a heart of eternal gratitude.

Let me not continue to talk about false teachings and instead attempt to make sense of Truth as simply as possible. You must still your mind, surrendering all beliefs, opinions and judgments, for Truth to rise up in you and it shall because it Is the Will of God. The Holy Spirit awaits this surrender and Jesus is anxious to take the lead. Here goes my attempt to give you reason to be still.

Adam and Eve, created by God the Father with His Only Son, were Holy Conscious Divine Physical yet Spiritual Beings formed from the Earth, they were (are) the Image of God. This is the Immaculate Concept, to Be a wHoly Conscious Spirit while in physical form. They (we) were given freewill to live in any conscious state of mind we choose. It was a mistake, known as sin, for Adam and Eve to choose to walk this Earth in a conscious state without the Father, but they desired to do so. This is considered “the fall”. The fall delivered them into a much lower level of consciousness which makes a person “think” they are separate beings; separate in thought from each other and separate from God. Since the fall we have been born into this state of consciousness. This explains why we are “born” into sin. The old testament in the Bible gives a historical account of mankind’s attempt to live in this state of consciousness which keeps God outside of oneself. However, in Truth we are Divine Beings so their (our) need for God was (is) great. They prayed, as we pray and then mandated laws in which to live a restricted life style in hopes that this would bring them closer to God as well as control behaviors that are wildly disrespectful of others as well as self when living in duality (lower consciousness). The authors of the old testament did indeed develop a relationship with God however when you read closely you will discover this wasn’t because they followed law (though they tried) but instead was because they took time to be still and “hear” God. This action brought them to a higher conscious state which is required to “hear” our Creator.

Jesus, a man of physical form, was born into this life from a woman, Mary, and a man, Joseph, who had both stilled themselves enough to “hear” God the Father. Jesus was raised by two people who understood the Immaculate Concept and saw their son as worthy…God did too. Jesus learned at an early stage in life who mankind was and through prayer, supplication and listening to the Father soon discovered what His Divine Role would be while he walked this Earth in physical form. He accepted his Divine Role as the Savior and Leader of mankind, mastering all imagined roadblocks that cause a man to stumble on his journey within to The Spirit that lives in us all. Jesus, the man, journeyed through the mind and into and through higher conscious states in silence with the Holy Spirit to reach the point of Christ Consciousness. Christ is the Higher Level of Consciousness that was with God at Creation and Knows HimSelf as the Son of God. Jesus surrendered his life as a separate being and lived in this Higher State of Christ Consciousness…hence he was (is) Jesus Christ, the Son of God and One with God. His Way reveals to man the path to regain his Rightful Identity.

Jesus spoke in parables and in fact his life was a parable. He died on the cross and rose again to show what a man must do internally to regain His Eternal Life as the Immaculate Concept. Jesus’ death eradicated (uprooted) the seed of sin which lives in mankind’s mind (low state of consciousness), making it possible for all mankind to ascend to this higher state of Christed Consciousness. This is where we are One and where the Kingdom of God resides.

When a man claims to be a sinner he is saying that he doesn’t accept this gift from Jesus Christ and has chosen to live under the “law” or if not religious, his own law. Both thought choices will keep a man from transforming and knowing the One Spirit of Christ Consciousness.

Truth is available to everyone…to all of mankind through the act of being still, surrendering personal perspective of one’s own world, by listening and following the Greater Spirit within. It doesn’t matter your religion or non-religion it is a gift won by Jesus who accomplished this goal. He is referred to as the Last Adam meaning the son of man remembered he is the Son of God. Thank You Jesus…You are worthy to follow for You Know the Way.

Please don’t take my word of the things I have shared with you. When you still yourself, your own journey begins…it is indeed a journey worth taking…for You are a Divine Being. I love you all, we are One in Christ. Now use your freewill to Awake and Rise Up in Christ for it is time for the Kingdom of God to manifest Itself on Earth as it is in Heaven.


4 responses to “Who is Jesus Christ?

  1. Thanks for sharing sister. This is one of the best “sermons” I have read on this topic. Blessings Sister!
    P.S. WordPress is the way to go!

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