About Me

I am great! I know who I am and I understand the power I have to create and to mis-create! You are great too. Together we are empowered to do great things.  Living in Christ Mind with right thinking skills will allow us all to experience peace, joy, abundance and love.

I own LA Consultants, Inc and its sister company, iCoach, Inc. Together these companies serve the Optometric profession. Our primary goal is to position the practice as a leader in their community. We do this through practice management, patient care protocols and marketing.  I have learned that leadership and teamwork development must take place first for a lasting effect. In addition the motivation strengths, personality profiles and values of the business owner and his lead manager must be understood in order for us to communicate and facilitate our programs effectively. Once this is in process we evaluate the community’s DNA. This will provide direction for proper marketing and branding of the practice.

All this to serve the goal of building a community that is inviting to everyone, non-judgemental and leads to a higher understanding of who we are and what our purpose is.

In addition I own EDC Laboratories, Inc. This is a nutritional supplement company that provides pharmeceutical grade nutritional supplements to our doctors and their patients. Our goal is to slow down the progression of blinding eye diseases.

Recently I have enrolled in another direct network marketing company. It is PTN, Poker Training Network. I did this because I want to use my talents and experience in leadership, teamwork and system design to help others free themselves. I chose PTN because poker brings people around the table. Great things happen when people are together and using right thinking skills. Texas Hold’em lessons provide a pathway in the brain for better strategic thinking, decision making and risk vs. reward skills. When these skills are applied to life the mind begins to open. Personal development eventually leads to an understanding of who you are in Christ. It is a journey worth undertaking.

Remember, all things are possible for the children of God. And Blessed are those who see their dream and allow the manifestation of it to take place without fear!


One response to “About Me

  1. I was going on my blog and went to this one instead. My name is Tommy Leonard and actually my mother’s name is Tammy Leonard too. It was nice to run into your blog because it is sweet and encouraging. I am happy to see your energetic, joyful heart. It is awesome when we know God and see his fruit working in us. It is nice to meet you. I just started on wordpress.

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