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I am just learning so these are my first post. I look forward to your contribution of thoughts and blessings as we move together as One.

God is Hiring!

Funny huh? Well, if you know there is more to life, are not currently working or you are unhappy at your present employment or if you like your job but…there must be more!  And even if you have your own successful business or find yourself in burnout or exhaustion, this could be for you.

Terms and conditions upon hire:

  1. You must understand that your ego will get in the way and be willing to set it aside so you can hear instruction from the Holy Spirit. This is a personal choice but required for compensation.
  2. All your teachings have come from the ego and/or the systems the ego has created therefore you do not know anything about Heaven or the Kingdom.
  3. As a Kingdom Worker, you are responsible for bringing the Kingdom to light. No matter where you are you must search for light!
  4. Do not fear. You must remember Who You Are in Christ to safeguard yourself from fear.  Remember, the Holy Spirit communicates with your brother’s light without your ego’s help. It is more powerful than anything you can say or do without Him.
  5. You must look for light or good in others at all times and in all circumstances.
  6. If you see darkness in a person you must give it to the Holy Spirit in love and remember the Light the person unknowingly carries. His light is necessary for the completion of our responsibilities
  7. You must keep an open mind and walk through doors the Holy Spirit reveals to you.
  8. Be a Light the Holy Spirit can use
  9. You are hired (called) to BE a Kingdom Worker because You are fully qualified. Remember who you are! Remember who the person next to you is!!!
  10. Be trustworthy! Honest! Tolerant! Gentle! Joyful! Defenseless! Generous! Patient! Faithful! and Open-Minded!

In exchange you will receive everything you require for a peaceful, joyful life. You must accept this as a fact and never doubt. Doubt will bring fear and remove your ability to see your gifts and the open doors. (Go through the doors!)

It is really that simple. There are no sacrifices on your part required. No getting ready first. This is a come as you are job offer. Do be aware, that becoming a Kingdom Worker will change you however it will be your joint Will with God that makes it happen.

When you are aware of who you are in Christ and live the life Jesus taught and assigned us to live you will be continuing His work, With Him, as One. Jesus summed this up by saying “love one another”. In order to “love” you must choose to see Light instead of darkness in others. If a person makes a mistake, forgive them because of their Greater Self, which is eternal.  Remember what is real, it far outweighs what is of this world. 

Doing this will result in bringing to Light the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven. This will be the moment when every eye shall see and every ear shall hear…This is our assignment, this is our purpose!


The basics

Today is the day you may choose to hear the Voice within, call to you in a loving soft Voice to awaken. The Voice gently reminds you of who you are and what your purpose is while in this world. This is a Voice that brings freedom to you and all those you allow yourself to bless.

We are indeed Children of God. Our egos (primary thought system by choice) forces us to deny the liberation Knowing this brings by denying that you are worthy of such being. You and I both know we are eternal beings.  We have mistakenly put our faith in the body and conclusions the ego, who owns the body. The ego only wants death and proves itself through the decay of the body.

Children of God are spiritual and do not die. That in itself says a lot and was demonstrated by our Leader Jesus Christ. He kept telling us there was more and even felt sorrow for his disciples because they didn’t get it either! Not until his resurrection.  Our gift from Jesus was the Holy Spirit who serves as our Guide. He guides us through what seems like a maze of ego projections as we move from ego thinking to Christ Thinking.  Jesus wants to walk WITH us (in Christ Mind) so as to become One where all things are possible.

Ego projections destroy, cause anger, conflict, depression, hate, fear, etc. all of which are NOT from God. The ego wants to take you out but it is impossible to destroy a Child of God.

It therefore is up to You, Child of God, to get quiet and listen to God’s Calling. 

Christ Thinking gives you the ability to see with Christ Vision.  With This you see only hope, forgiveness, freedom, peace, joy, and love when you look at another. It is healing for others and brings peace and purpose to You.

Our journey begins…..

Hello world!

I am free!

It has taken me a lifetime to figure out that none of what the world has taught us matters! Don’t fear; our work has not been done in vain.

I have three businesses; a nutritional supplement company, a consulting firm and a service company. My industry of choice is Optometry. I love what has been created through me and all the wonderful people I have met along the way.

Before that…there was more! Very interesting stuff…

I have always planned for tomorrow but have mostly failed to recognize today for what it truly is; a chance to remember who I am and to live it this very moment! How wonderful to be free of the world’s expectations!

So now I do what comes to me daily, like this blog. Never considered it before this moment but I think it is “time” to start sharing with you what I have learned since coming to my wits end with the world, even in the midst of success.

I want to share with you what I have learned by becoming quiet. You know the Voice that calls out from within? I decided to listen. Best decision I ever made. Anyway, what I have learned or remembered is enough to free anyone.

I hope you join in my journey. I promise to be truthful and with your joining me, we become brighter light to others.